‪‪I am an accomplished writer, adept at both marketing and editorial content. My work encompasses diverse print and digital projects, styles, and industries, and is characterized by proven creative capabilities backed by a sharp strategic mindset.
     As a result of making contributions on staff and as a freelancer, I’ve developed strong collaborative skills backed by solid entrepreneurial muscle. I have great comfort working in a shifting, deadline-driven environment, and have honed tested project, people, and time management skills.
     I season my communications and editorial writing with my work as a playwright. Association with the theatre fuels my ability to ask questions, push boundaries, and find inventive solutions on the fly.
     In over twenty years of writing for business and crafting plays that probe the intricacies of human behavior, I’ve forged powerful connections, helped build brands, and devised solutions used by a wide range of clients to successfully achieve their marketing objectives. Whatever the circumstance, my professional activities have one thing in common: they are anchored in the power of a story well told.


Communications Professional:

Skilled Strategist and Storyteller

Core Competencies
Effective communicator • Clear thinker • Strategic mindset
Highly creative • Solutions oriented • User focused • Wide-ranging experience